Stop spending money on internal tools

Empower your non-technical teams to enrich and contextualize your data without building new apps.

Stick with the best

Your ops team works better in Sheets, Airtable, and Notion. With Bracket, they'll work more efficiently with the tools they love.

Low-lift, two-way syncs

Automatically sync from your backend database, enable your ops teams to read & write where needed, and sync data back in real-time.

Get the most from your data

How we help companies around the world achieve rich, high-context data.

Sales and partnerships
Qualify your leads

You run a web scraper that pulls in leads into MongoDB, but you need your sales team to vet those leads quickly using Airtable or Sheets. With Bracket, you push new leads from MongoDB to Airtable, and pull the sales team’s edits, all in real time.

Warehouse ops
Understand your true SLA performance

Your logistics company needs your ops teams to be able to contextualize reasons for missed deadlines. With Bracket, the ops team gets SLA data from Postgres into Sheets and adds reasons for missed SLAs, which automatically enriches the data in Postgres.

Experiment quickly
Pilot a new market without developing internal apps

You want to quickly test your lending startup in a new country without having to stand up a new app. With Bracket, you link Google Sheets and MySQL so that your front-facing team can enter loan applications into Sheets, your backend team approves/rejects the loan in MySQL, and the decision gets pushed back into Sheets.