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Who can invest?

At this time, Palette only works with accredited investors, family offices, and institutions. If you're unsure whether you're an accredited investor, look at the US requirements here.

How does Palette verify my accreditation status?

We can do one of two ways, based on your preference: either we securely pull data directly from your accounts to verify income and/or assets, or you upload certain tax documents. Either way, Palette never shares your data externally.

What am I investing in?

Palette enables content creators to auction the revenue stream from their sponsorship agreements. As the investor, you purchase a security that gives you the right to that revenue stream in exchange for a lump sum paid to the creator today. Essentially, you are betting that the sponsoring company will pay the creator the full amount demanded by the sponsorship contract, which is the same as unsecured corporate debt.

Who are the creators?

Palette only works with established creators with a history of successful sponsorship. These creators come from a variety of genres and platforms - the creator economy is a diverse place. You will know the platform and content genre of any auctioning creators before you decide to bid.

Who are the sponsors?

Palette only securitizes sponsorships coming from reputable companies that meet our thresholds of size and sponsorship history. Many of these companies are household names.

How much can I invest?

Our minimum investment is $5,000. Total contract amounts are variable, depending on the sponsorship. Creators have committed to auctioning contracts anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 on Palette.

How does the auction work?

Palette runs a straightforward English auction where the highest bid wins. Before you decide to bid, you will have the chance to review offering documents, which include information on the sponsorship duration and pay schedule. Once you decide to place a bid, we will notify you if your winning bid is beaten by another investor. Auctions typically run for several days.

Do I need to keep funds in a wallet with Palette?

No, you don't have to keep funds with us. Palette can simply debit an account of your choosing when you win an auction, and transfer sponsorship payments to that account automatically over the course of the contract.

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